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The Park Surgery Merger

Posted on January 22nd, 2018

Merger of Park Surgery and Lechlade Medical Centre


This is to inform you of the intention that the Park Surgery will merge with Lechlade Medical Centre in January 2018


As you are registered at this Practice we would like to give you some more details about our decision to merge and how it will affect your medical care.


In a time of increasing demand and the need for stability in some very challenging times for the NHS, it was our conclusion that the merging of the two practices was the best way to ensure that we could continue provide a long term commitment to our patients.


We fully understand that patients from both Practices will have mixed feelings about the merger – patients will stay registered with a practice for many years enjoying a particular ethos and culture. Certainly, with many patients, it is due to the feeling of a “family” environment which is often found in smaller practices and it is this element which both practices are keen to preserve. The geographical boundaries of the surgeries will not change and each surgery will retain its current name; you will continue to be able to see your regular clinical staff.


There will be no changes to your registered/usual GP. 


The two Practices became a new Partnership in October 2017; however, with regards to the merger of the two NHS contracts, it is likely that this will not take place until January 2018.  Once this happens then the patient lists of both surgeries will be merged; this will be for administrative reasons and will not affect the day to day running of the practices.  It is a potentially complicated process and please bear with us during this time as this may affect individual Practices’ clinical IT systems.


It is important that our patients are able to access the best possible health care at all times, and we feel the opportunities that will be available to us with an increase in experience, knowledge and clinical expertise will allow us to manage future changes in the NHS more effectively and proactively.


Now that we have made the decision to merge the opportunities are exciting and we are keen to start taking advantage of the future benefits as soon as possible. Therefore, where it makes sense to start providing services jointly or change some of our working practices, we’ll do that before the formal merger date.


Staffs from both practices have, over the years, worked together and regularly meet to share ideas and management of local health budgets and developments.   Compatibility and a shared vision for the future will, we are sure, be of great benefit to our patients and both practice teams are looking forward to the new partnership with considerable enthusiasm and excitement.


The Patient Participation Groups of both surgeries have been informed and are helping us with the merger.  More information will be available on the websites of both surgeries.


Yours sincerely


Anton Borg


Senior Partner Park Surgery


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