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Summary Care Record

Your Summary Care Record is a short summary of your GP medical records. It tells other health and care staff who care for you about the medicines you take and your allergies. This means they can give you better care if you need health care away from your usual doctor’s surgery:
•in an emergency
•when you’re on holiday
•when your surgery is closed
•at out-patient clinics
•when you visit a pharmacy

You can add more information by asking your doctor. This could include:
•health problems like dementia or diabetes
•details of your carer
•your treatment preferences

When you are treated away from your usual doctor’s surgery, the health care staff there can’t see your GP medical records. Looking at your SCR can speed up your care and make sure you are given the right medicines and treatment. Staff will ask your permission to look at it (except in an emergency where you are unconscious, for example) and only staff with the right levels of security clearance can access the system, so your information is secure. You can ask an organisation to show you a record of who has looked at your SCR – this is called a Subject Access Request.

Adding more information to your Summary Care Record

What is additional information?
Additional information can be added to your SCR by your GP practice and is a summary of information about your medical history.
It can include the following:
•Your long term health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart problems or rare medical conditions.
•Your relevant medical history – clinical procedures that you have had, why you need a particular medicine, the care you are currently receiving and clinical advice to support your future care.
•Your healthcare needs and personal preferences – you may have particular communication needs, a long term condition that needs to be managed in a particular way, or you may have made legal decisions or have preferences about your care that you would like to be known.
•Immunisations – details of previous vaccinations, such as tetanus and routine childhood jabs.

Please note: specific sensitive information such as any fertility treatments, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy terminations or gender reassignment will not be included, unless you specifically ask for any of these items to be included.

How will additional information help me?
Essential details about your healthcare can be very difficult to remember, particularly when you are unwell. Having additional information in your SCR means that when you need healthcare, you will be helped to recall this vital information.
There are already clear benefits for your care from having medication, allergy and adverse reaction information available through your SCR. If you choose to add additional information, this can further increase the quality of your care. Additional information can also empower you if you need some help to communicate your complex care needs.

To opt-in to this service, please click on the ‘Summary Care Record and Additional Information’ tile at the top of the page and fill out our short form.